• ON for Life

    We are a living platform for those who remain on. We are the new voices of the city who question with curiosity, communicate openly, and share willingly. Instead of saying “So be it,” we say “Let’s do it!” to our dreams. We are passionate about exploring. We listen to ourselves, hear each other and understand the world before judging. We honor our bonds with the past and recognize our cultural diversity. We seem as we are, and are as we seem. We cherish coming together and contest discrimination. We share our feelings, thoughts, smiles and tears. We are the new voices of the city, which vibrates and transforms only as it shares and connects. We are ON for life.

  • New home, new culture

    We designed ON, a platform for cooperative living, after reviewing and analyzing all kinds of real estate concepts, lifestyles and user expectations from Turkey and around the world. Evoking the turned-on electrical switch, the title of the project emphasizes being open to life.

    The platform is technology-friendly, meticulously designed, accessible and sustainable. It places socializing and sharing at the center of life.

    DKY ON is on for innovation, exploration, music, motion, technology, entertainment, friendship, nature and sharing.

  • Istanbul is ON

    The project is conveniently located on Kagithane Avenue, which connects Kagithane to the TEM Highway, and is within walking distance to the central metro station.

  • Innovation is ON

    DKY ON Kagithane is not just a residential project, but a living platform. Consisting of a total of 205 residences and office units, 60% of the project is dedicated to communal areas and landscaping, and 29% to business and commercial spaces.

    The flexible layout of the 1+1.5 and 2+2.5 residential units enable transforming spaces for different purposes, giving the residents utmost freedom in designing their homes.


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A New-Generation Life Platform

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